January 7, 2019

GreenFig's Partnership with Colleges and Universities

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At GreenFig, we strive to create a learning environment to help 21st century digital learners gain the skills and tools they need to be successful in the digital economy. Over the past 6 months we have partnered with 7 colleges and universities throughout the country, all of which include: Grand Valley State University, Schreiner University, College of San Mateo, Flagler University, MSU Denver, Drew University and Berry College.

Our partnerships with these colleges and organizations help students bridge the digital skills gap before entering into the workforce. By enabling these students to gain industry-recognized certifications and hands-on learning skills in the most sought after digital marketing applications, it puts them a step above other graduates that are looking to enter the digital economy. Our format consists of live, interactive online and offline team-based learning, networking, collaboration opportunities and a real-world project called an Apprentorship.

Simone Jonaitis, Grand Valley State University’s executive director of Center for Adult and Continuing Studies, said professionals need to continually refresh their skills to keep up with the rapidly changing digital marketing industry.

“Through this program, people will earn industry-recognized certifications in programs that businesses need and require,” Jonaitis said. “It will give professionals an opportunity to learn from industry leaders across the country, network with people from West Michigan and work on real-world projects.”

Read the full article about GVSU's partnership with GreenFig here.

Interested in partnering with us? Check out how you can become involved in our Business Science programs, here.


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