July 19, 2018

Increase Your Earning Potential in Less than 200 Hours

Libby Unger | CEO & Co-Founder, GreenFig
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Libby Unger | CEO & Co-Founder, GreenFig

4 Strategies to Sell Your Marketing Manager on a Microdegree from GreenFig

If you were a nurse, a teacher, a police officer or held any number of other professions, the evolution of your career would include continuing education. To stay current, to stay relevant, and to be eligible for pay increases, you would undergo training to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices required to successfully perform your job.

The path of the marketing professional should be no different. To stay on the cutting edge of a fast, rapidly accelerating industry, a commitment to lifelong learning is a must.  It is how you – a member of the digital workforce – increase your earning potential and how businesses stay competitive in the marketplace.

Historically, this has not been easy to do. Taking time away from work to attend classes is not realistic for most workers or most companies. How can you be sure that the curriculum is precisely matched to the marketing trends and strategies taking place now, not last year? Plus, it is hard to sell your manager on developing your marketing skills if the curriculum is something you can read in a book. If you are going to convince your boss to invest in you, you have got to demonstrate the training solution will provide you the tools, skills, and experience to make an immediate impact at work, all with limited interruption.

GreenFig is a micro education company offering microdegrees in applied business science. We provide professionals with the opportunity to quickly adapt to rapidly changing industry requirements with in-depth subject matter proficiency and the certifications industry demands to stay relevant.

This fall, we are offering a digital marketing science course ideally-suited for those who want to upskill their marketing skills for higher value contribution at work and ultimately for higher earning potential.

Learn how to convince your boss that a microdegree from GreenFig is a smart investment with these four tips:

1. Skills and Experience You Can Employ Now 

Many companies today are struggling to find talent with industry-current skills. The GreenFig curriculum is precisely targeted – and continually evolving – to match the high-demand skills your marketing department needs now, including access to the most current digital marketing strategies, tactics, and technologies. Additionally, you will learn to set up and run industry-leading marketing solutions such as Marketo and Google Analytics that can be used to convert marketing strategy into operational execution back at work on day one.

Our course curriculum also includes a collaborative project for a real company – not a hypothetical one – where learners create, design, and implement under the mentorship of field experts. The result is real-world skills that immediately translate to a higher value at work.

2. Limited Workplace Interruption

Trust us, developing the higher-value skills to move the marketing needle at work does not need to be a long, drawn-out process. You will gain the training you need in less than 200 hours. What’s more, our hybrid learning approach combines both online and offline formats, with live instruction, and opportunities for team collaboration in a state-of-the-art learning experience – ideal for professionals who need to continue to perform their day job.

3. Mentors Your Manager Trusts

Your manager is much more likely to sign off on a training program if he or she is assured that the curriculum is taught by the industry’s ‘A’ team. GreenFig instructors are innovators, market leaders, and field experts passionate about sharing their marketing acumen and helping our learners succeed. By sharing knowledge and providing mentorship, our who’s who list of entrepreneurs, executives, and strategists are developing marketing thinkers and doers equipped with the skills to succeed. Your manager will be pleased to know that you can hit the ground running without additional training or the time lapse of a learning curve.

4. You Can Do It More Cost-Effectively In-House 

Although No. 4 on the list, this strategy may likely be the best way to bend the ear of a department head because it combines the two things they value most: saving money and driving efficiencies. Here is an example pitch: “I have been researching how we can cut costs and create more efficiencies in our department. Currently, our marketing automation, social media programs, SEO, content, and other marketing strategies are being outsourced to agencies or freelancers. By developing my digital skills, we can bring these marketing efforts in-house. Our company saves money, improves the bottom line, and we have greater maneuverability and quality control since I will be performing these tasks in-house.”

Want more tips on how to convince your boss that a microdegree from GreenFig is a smart return on investment? Contact us or visit greenfig.com for more information. 

To lifelong learning,

Libby Unger,

Co-founder and CEO


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