2023 Digital Marketing Salaries

Digital marketing—The US Dept. of Labor projects 10% job growth in the next decade. That…

2023 Digital Marketing Salaries

Digital marketing is a fast-growing career field! The US Dept. of Labor projects 10% job growth in the next decade. That is an important stat, but are you wondering what are typical digital marketing salaries?

If you’re asking that question, here’s the latest salary figures from Indeed.com to help you out. 

Broad-based Digital Marketers

  • Digital marketing specialist (entry-level): $52,151
  • Digital marketing manager (mid-level): $71,038
  • Digital marketing director: $108,132
  • Digital marketing VP: $321,825

Specialized Digital Marketers

  • Social Media Manager: $53,221
  • Content Marketing Manager: $76,595
  • Email Marketing Manager: $84,244
  • Paid Search Manager: $89,181
  • SEO Manager: $86,520

If you’re contemplating a career in digital marketing, what a great choice! 

Digital marketing is an amazing career path with high earning power. It provides a constantly changing landscape with lots of opportunity for new skills and specializations.

Our Digital Marketing Science course prepares you for a career in digital marketing. We teach you the latest skills in this fast-moving field. In only 10 weeks, you’ll earn high-demand certifications in HubSpot Email Marketing, Google Analytics, and Google Ads. You’ll also gain 360° career support from our Career Hub. Here, you’ll learn how to land your first digital marketing job or advance your digital marketing career using skills in negotiation, LinkedIn optimization, and more!

Are you ready to increase your earning power? Enroll today!

Digital Marketing Science Course

Digital Marketing Science Course

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