3 Steps to a Career in Digital Marketing

Are you considering a career in digital marketing? That’s a great choice! Projected job growth…

3 Steps to a Career in Digital Marketing

Are you considering a career in digital marketing? That’s a great choice! Projected job growth is 10% for the next ten years. Marketing analysts can expect 22%! (source)

So, if digital marketing is right for you, what’s next? As with any career change, it boils down to these three steps.

Get the skills. Get the job. Grow your digital marketing career.

Easier said than done? We agree. But you can do this! We help people do it every day. Here’s our insider advice.

How to get digital marketing skills.

Earn your degree and/or certifications. Most digital marketers complete a bachelor’s degree, but employers may value certifications and experience over your degree in this fast-moving job market. We can help you with that.

Apprentice, volunteer, and/or take the entry-level position. If you’re finding it hard to break into digital marketing, this step can be the key that opens locked doors. Whether low pay or no pay, this is where you can flesh out your resume, create professional connections, and hone your skills. Experience is gold, so be willing to invest in it. 

How to get the job.

Document your hands-on experience in an online portfolio which becomes part of your personal brand. (Our Digital Marketing Science course gives you real-life projects and experiences to help populate that portfolio!) Publish yourself on sites like Medium, LinkedIn, and Hubpages. Kill it in your interview. Need help with interview prep?  Our new Career Hub, gives you access to actionable career advice and live career coaches to help you prepare for and nail your interview! 

How to grow your digital marketing career.

Never stop learning. Relevant, successful digital marketers stay abreast of trends and the technological tools of the trade. Our ten-week Digital Marketing Science course quickly gets you up to speed on the latest marketing methods.

Generalize or specialize. Developing an expertise in, say, SEO or Content Marketing, can make you a highly sought-after candidate. Conversely, a digital marketer with a solid base in multiple areas becomes a great value to employers. Decide which path fits you and plan your ongoing learning to facilitate it.

Become indispensable. Go the extra mile . . . be a team player . . . be flexible . . . these are vital for any career’s growth. The digital marketer has an extra advantage: Analytics! Document your value using SEO rankings, KPIs, cost per click, engagement rates, etc., and showcase your value for everyone to see.

Where are you on your journey to a career in digital marketing? 

Enroll now in our Digital Marketing Science Course, and in ten weeks we’ll help you succeed on your career path.

Digital Marketing Science Course

Digital Marketing Science Course

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