4 Steps to Launch Your Business Analytics Career

Transitioning to a rewarding career in business analytics has never been easier. Business analytics is…

4 Steps to Launch Your Business Analytics Career

Now is the perfect time for a career change. Transitioning to a rewarding career in business analytics has never been easier.

Business analytics is a growing industry that needs skilled professionals. A specific degree isn’t necessarily required to get into the profession, just the willingness to acquire the business analytics skills needed. 

Here are four tips to help you make a successful career change into business analytics:

1. Assess your skills

Are you analytical? Are you fascinated by statistics and probability? Do you have experience in critical thinking and problem-solving? Are you passionate about databases or other data tools? 

2. Do your research

Which of your skills and interests can be applied to business analytics? Technical skills such as SQL are beneficial, but so are soft skills such as negotiation, communication, and decision-making. There’s a good chance that you already have skills that can be applied to business analytics.

3. Learn

In our Business Analytics Science program, you’ll learn the tactical and strategic skills you need to become a business analyst. You’ll earn skills in intro to SQL, data visualization, and Tableau test prep, just to name a few. You not only get the skills you need, you also get the support you need to meet your career goals, such as LinkedIn optimization, interview prep, and salary negotiation.

4. Network

Connections are vital to a successful career change. The more connected you are, the better your chances of getting your dream job. Start networking with people in digital marketing, attend events, and connect on social media. We build networking into our Business Analytics Science program through mentor-led live sessions, peer collaboration, and career coaching.

This is the perfect time for career change. Click here to learn more about our ten-week Business Analytics Science program. 

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

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