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Katie’s Digital Marketing Success Story

VIDEO: Katie’s Digital Marketing Success Story

Meet Katie. Katie, after completing the course, shared her digital marketing success story. What she said was too good to…

This email was written by ChatGPT.

This Email Was Written by ChatGPT

ChatGPT continues to make news with its release of GPT-4. This version aced the bar exam! But, can it be…

5 Facts about Audience Insights and Digital Marketing

5 Facts About Audience Insights and Digital Marketing

The study of audience patterns and desires should inform digital marketing efforts. It pays to study consumer behavior! Here are…

5 Tips for Landing a Remote Job. Create a remote career in only 10 weeks.

5 Tips for Landing a Remote Job in Digital Marketing

Are you looking for a remote job in digital marketing? Competition can be tough, especially for entry-level ones. So here’s…

A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketer

A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketer

What a typical day might look like for a digital marketer. Digital marketing is a fast-growing career. If interested in…

Top 10 Tips for High-Converting Landing Pages

Top 10 Tips for High-Converting Landing Pages

High-converting landing pages are key for your online sales funnel. Don’t use a homepage for a landing page. Here’s 10…

VIDEO: Katie’s Digital Marketing Success StoryDigital Marketing Science Course
Five 2023 Digital Marketing Trends

Five 2023 Digital Marketing Trends

Changes in consumer behavior from the past two years continue to drive digital marketing trends. While new technologies transform how…

Digital Marketing Salaries

2023 Digital Marketing Salaries

Digital marketing—The US Dept. of Labor projects 10% job growth in the next decade. That is an important stat, but…

ChatGPT and Digital Marketing

How Will AI and ChatGPT Change Marketing?

Since ChatGPT was released November 2022, it’s been a hot topic in the marketing world. Its human-like dialogue is so…

Skill-Based Credentials

Career Growth with Skill-Based Credentials

The blurring speed of technological change makes skill-based credentials more and more appealing to employers. 47% of employers cite skills…

Earn what you're worth!

Low Paying Jobs No More—Earn What You’re Worth!

Low paying jobs continue to plague the American workforce. In 2022, 31.9% of American workers made less than $15 per…

Thrive in Your Career

Thrive in Your Career by Following These 5 Steps

You can thrive in your career by putting the five tips below into practice. We believe that no matter the…

Natoyah's Digital Marketing Sucess Story

VIDEO: Watch Natoyah’s Digital Marketing Success Story

Natoyah’s story is just one of many success stories from our 2022 Digital Marketing learners. After completing her course, she…

Holiday Marketing | consumer aligned, culturally aligned holiday marketing

Holiday Marketing: Hits and Misses

The holidays are a powerful time to align with consumers. As companies connect with more diverse consumers, marketing expands into cultural…

How data changed Black Friday

How Data Changed Black Friday

We saw big changes on 2022 Black Friday: Holiday sales began in October, Black Friday is now a week, not…