Five 2023 Digital Marketing Trends

Changes in consumer behavior from the past two years continue to drive digital marketing trends.…

Five 2023 Digital Marketing Trends

The only constant in life…and in digital marketing trends…is change. 

Significant changes in consumer behavior from the past two years continue to stretch us. Meanwhile, new technologies are transforming how we do digital marketing in powerful ways. Combine these factors with a looming economic downturn, and it becomes imperative that digital marketers stay ahead of the trends. 

Here are five cutting-edge digital marketing trends to adopt in 2023:

1. The TikTok Effect

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform on the planet with over three-billion downloads in less than four years. (source) The highest form of flattery, YouTube shorts and Instagram reels copy TikTok’s successful advertising video recipe: 60 seconds or less, to-the-point messaging, and high entertainment value.

2. Artificial Intelligence

AI has arrived. It’s cutting marketing costs, saving time, and increasing team creativity. AI-optimized email increases clicks. AI-powered chatbots guide buying decisions. Ben & Jerry’s even used AI to uncover our love of ice cream and breakfast! (source)

3. GenZ

The first generation fully immersed in the internet is coming of age. As a consumer, GenZ prefers interactive, highly visual, and authentic experiences. They are socially conscious and value raw over perfection. Successful marketing efforts will meet them in their world rather than vice versa.

4. Influencer Marketing

An old idea with a new twist, celebrity marketing now includes social media influencers. They can be anyone anywhere with a large social media following, and businesses are making $5.2 ROI for every $1 spent on marketing through their channels. (source

5. SMS

Marketing by text is still new enough that it captures attention. Roughly 98% of SMS campaigns are opened! (source) Even better yet, 50% of those texts will receive a response. Businesses are finding SMS campaigns to be cost-effective and successful. On Black Friday 2022, there was a 68% increase in promotional SMS sent over 2021, which led to a 57% increase in orders compared to 2021. (source)

As businesses look for leaner ways to reach their consumer base, digital marketing will become increasingly important. The professional who can employ the latest marketing trends will be a highly valued asset. 

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