How Will AI and ChatGPT Change Marketing?

Since ChatGPT was released November 2022, it’s been a hot topic in the marketing world.…

How Will AI and ChatGPT Change Marketing?

Since ChatGPT was released in November 2022, it’s been a hot topic in the marketing world. Its human-like dialogue is so promising for content creation that some wonder if AI will replace human marketers altogether.

What is ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT is an AI tool that converses in human-like dialogue. It’s a unique chatbot developed by OpenAI and trained using reinforcement learning by human AI trainers. The outcome is the most natural and human-like AI output to date.

Its benefits.

  1. Increase efficiency in content creation. ChatGPT can improve existing content or (with prompts) brainstorm new content ideas.
  2. Target audiences successfully. ChatGPT can personalize content for different audiences, increasing sales.
  3. Simplify your market research. ChatGPT can analyze large datasets, giving you audience insights to inform your next marketing strategy.

Its pitfalls.

  1. Inaccuracies. ChatGPT can return inaccurate statements yet sound very plausible. Always fact-check.
  2. Google penalties. Google does not like AI-generated content and ranks it lower in searches. Use ChatGPT content as an aid rather than a final copy.

ChatGPT can be a promising, supportive tool for Digital Marketers, but it can’t replace them. There’s no substitute for human creativity and lived experience. Give it a try here and see if you like the results.

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