Recession-Proof Your Career. Get Started in Digital Marketing

The latest financial headlines are full of rising interest rates, inflation, and a possible recession.…

Recession-Proof Your Career. Get Started in Digital Marketing

Is your career recession-proof? The latest financial headlines are full of rising interest rates, inflation, and a possible 2023 recession. 

If you’re growing a career in Digital Marketing, then the answer is a resounding yes! Digital Marketing skills are already in high demand, and the demand will only increase during any impending recession. 

Businesses rely on Digital Marketing

Businesses report that 72% of their marketing budget now goes toward digital channels (source), with 63% of businesses increasing their Digital Marketing budget (source). It’s no surprise that the number of companies hiring Digital Marketers has grown by 33%. (source)

Digital marketing is integral to success in today’s economy. If or when times get lean, we can expect businesses to rely on it even more. Why?

Because it’s cheap.

This infographic illustrates the massive savings of digital marketing over traditional methods. For example, a direct mail print campaign reaching 2,000 people costs upwards of $900k, while reaching the same number of people on social media can cost just $75. That kind of savings doesn’t need a recession to look good! (source

Because it’s agile.

With only a small up-front investment, you can launch a campaign and adjust in real-time. If you aren’t reaching your target audience, it can be evident within a week. Digital Marketing allows you to move your dollars into what is performing highest and see your ROI increase.

Because it’s informative.

Real-time marketing analytics can reveal the newest trends. This allows businesses to recession-proof their income streams by responding to consumer needs early and often. Any career that insulates a business from the effects of the recession will be in high demand. 

Are you ready for a recession-proof career in Digital Marketing? Click here to learn how our program can kick-start your career goals.

As a Digital Marketer, you are vital to employers for the successful navigation of any coming recession.

Digital Marketing Science Course

Digital Marketing Science Course

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