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5 Facts about Business Analytics

5 Facts About Business Analytics

Business analytics shot to prominence in 2008, and is now a dominant trend. It empowers businesses to build competitive advantages.

ChatGPT and Business Analytics

ChatGPT and AI for Business Analysts

ChatGPT is a hot topic in the business world. Its human-like abilities are so promising that some wonder if AI…

5 common mistakes in sales operations.

5 Common Sales Operations Mistakes to Avoid

Sales Operations is expanding rapidly, helping companies reach their goals with efficiency and insight. This fast-growing field can get caught…

Common Analytics Mistakes to Avoid

5 Common Analytics Mistakes to Avoid

Business Analytics helps businesses make sense of their data by answering the what, when, why, and how questions.

Red socks? Let's A-B test that.

Red socks? Let’s A-B test that.

Don’t underestimate the power of A-B tests. Once value proposition, product, and persona are in place, small changes can move…