5 Tips for Landing a Remote Job in Digital Marketing

Are you looking for a remote job in digital marketing? Competition can be tough, especially…

5 Tips for Landing a Remote Job in Digital Marketing

Are you looking for a remote job in digital marketing? Competition can be tough for remote positions, especially entry-level ones. So here’s five tips to help you land your digital marketing remote job:

1. Get the skills.

Remote team members need to be highly competent. If you need to upskill or brush up, our Digital Marketing course gives you the latest skills and credentials you’ll need to stand out in only 10 weeks. You’ll want to show off your skills with an online resume and digital portfolio. 

2. Look in the right places.

Don’t rely on generic job boards to find legitimate remote work. Try specialized boards like Flexjobs. Use the advanced search functions on Indeed.com, LinkedIn, or Ziprecruiter to filter for remote opportunities. 

3. Know your preferences.

Don’t take just any remote job. Know what aligns with your goals and desires. Would you prefer to be fully remote or hybrid? Do you want to work with a long-established team or a start-up? What benefit package are you looking for?

4. Make personalized connections.

Will your resume make it past the dreaded bots? Don’t count on it. Track down real people from HR using the company website or LinkedIn. Send your application, resume, and cover letter to them, in addition to uploading a tech-friendly version for the bots. 

5. Practice interviewing remotely.

Interviewing in the real world is tough enough. Video and audio add one more way you can make a good impression…or not. Use Zoom and practice your interview questions. Spend time on your setup and make eye contact with the camera and ensure your positive energy is making it onto the screen.

Employers continue their shift to a remote workforce because of its benefits. They’re finding they can save money, gain productivity, have access to global talent, and retain their employees longer.

Our Digital Marketing Science course is here to make sure you have the skills and support to land that remote job. You’ll learn from practicing industry-experts. They live and breathe digital marketing. 

When you enroll, you’ll also gain full access to our Career Hub. There you’ll get 360° career support where we teach you negotiation skills, LinkedIn optimization, remote interviewing, and more! 

Enroll today and prepare for your remote career in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Science Course

Digital Marketing Science Course

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