Red socks? Let’s A-B test that.

Don’t underestimate the power of A-B tests. Once value proposition, product, and persona are in…

Red socks? Let’s A-B test that.

Red socks. 

Bright, bold, confident. 

The perfect choice for the big pitch . . . or are they? 

What if there are sock-traditionalists in the audience? How would they see red socks? Attention-seeking, distracting, immature?

You may not find it practical to split-test red socks vs. navy but don’t underestimate the power of A-B testing. Button color, subject lines, or one-word changes may seem as insignificant as red socks. But once product, value proposition, and persona are in place, these small factors can move the needle in a big way.

A-B tests that tipped the scale:

Acuity Scheduling A-B tested their limited-feature, free-for-life plan against a 14-day professional free trial, all features included. The latter resulted in a 268% increase in paid signups. (source)

Movexa A-B tested their joint health product’s headline by adding the word “supplement” to the headline. The addition of that one word improved sales by 89%. (source)

Crazy Egg added a video to their homepage with the exact same content as the page’s copy. A-B testing revealed the video variation increased conversions by 64%. (source)

What red-sock changes might move your needle?

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Digital Marketing Science Course

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