The Career Hub—Support for Your Career Goals

When you enroll in Digital Marketing, you get top-tier coursework with expert instructors, but that’s…

The Career Hub—Support for Your Career Goals

When you enroll in our Digital Marketing Science course, you receive top-tier coursework with expert instructors, but that’s not all! You also get full access to our new Career Hub

The Career Hub is a place to get the support you need to meet your unique goals. Whether you’re looking for a promotion or to start a new career, we’re here to help with:

  • Resume and cover letter review + tips: Learn how to customize your resume to the job description, use technology-friendly formatting, and explore examples to inspire the content that will set you apart.
  • Small-group workshops: Ask questions, compare notes with other learners, and expand your network. Hosted by a career coach, topics during these sessions may include: career development, communicating transferable skills, negotiating tips, and Q&As with a hiring manager or recruiter.
  • Career coaching: Need a bit more help or have specific areas or concerns you want more input on? Get access to our 1:1 career coaching.

So you can:

  • Interview with confidence: Learn how to navigate questions, prove your worth, and properly follow up post-interview.
  • Negotiate with ease: Learn how to negotiate a job offer for life-changing compensation and benefits.
  • Transform your career: Learn the strategy of career advancement; not luck, but a tried-and-true “process” that anybody can learn and apply.

In the Career Hub, you’ll find a community of folks just like you, changing the direction of their careers. You and your peers can network and learn from each other. You’ll also find the support of industry-expert career coaches. Their successful careers and experiences can guide you on your own career advancement.

Enroll today, and not only will you receive live instruction from practicing industry experts, but our career coaches will support you as you pursue your digital marketing career goals!

Digital Marketing Science Course

Digital Marketing Science Course

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